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... I just want to be selfish.  I don't want to worry about things I feel I shouldn't be worrying about.

... I want to be resentful.  I do not want to apologize for not wanting to be in the position I am now.  I do not want to be sorry for feeling a little bitter about life.

... I want to be able to breathe.  I do not want to keep feeling that slight pain in my chest every time I take a breath.

... I want to be angry.  I do not want to be appreciative all the time.  I do not want to feel that I owe something to every single person who has been kind to me.  I want to be free to feel what I feel without being sorry.

... I do not want to be sorry.  Mainly because I'm not.



In light of being selfish, I'm only posting my horoscope today.


Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The Bottom Line

Someone's been sitting on the fence too long for your taste. Tell them so today.


In Detail

Someone's cliche commentary will start to get on your nerves today -- you're sick and tired of them beating around the bush, trying not to offend anyone. You want them to choose a side, say their true feelings, and face up to the consequences! You can't control another person's behavior, but you can show them how you want them to behave. Encourage the type of direct communication you crave. They might be surprised by your boldness at first, but they will get the message.




.. And the result of a quiz that I took...


"My Hidden Talent"

The Artist

You love freedom and want to follow your heart's desires. You might not be at your best when dealing with other people. Once you are given the opportunity to work your chosen way, your gift will shine. A tip for you is not to concentrate too much on your own work, but widen your focus and consider the opinions of other people.